Types of Appointments

Routine Appointments

Please use these for non urgent problems or to follow up a pre-existing condition. In order to provide continuity of care, it is generally best to book with the GP you saw originally. These appointments may be booked in advance but you may need to wait a few days to see your preferred GP.


Routine appointments can be made by contacting reception Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm


Urgent Appointments

The receptionist will ask some details regarding the condition of the patient so that the doctor can assess the urgency of the call.  We may not be able to offer a choice of appointment time or GP. These appointments are designed to cater for one urgent condition and will be slightly shorter than a normal consultation.  Where appropriate these requests should be made as early as possible.  Please make a routine appointment to discuss non urgent conditions.


Urgent appointments can be made by contacting reception Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.45pm


Telephone Appointments

To make an appointment to speak with a GP on the telephone, contact reception  before 11.00am and give your details to the Receptionist who will add your name to the list.   You will be asked to leave your telephone number and the GP will ring you back.


Appointment Length

Our routine appointment system is based upon a ten minute consultation. If you feel that you require a longer appointment to discuss more complex issues, please mention this to the receptionist.


Home Visits

As a general rule, we would prefer to see patients in the surgery, where more comprehensive examinations can be undertaken.  Short journeys are not usually harmful in cases of fever or acute illness.  However, if you are housebound and need medical attention, home visits are available.  Please telephone before 11.00am to request a home visit.  A GP may contact you by phone initially to discuss the problem.  In an emergency situation dial 999 for an ambulance.


Out of Hours

When the surgery is closed, medical care is provided by Western Urgent Care on 02871 865195. Please do not attend Accident and Emergency for non urgent matters.